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Friday, March 31, 2017

Top 10 Mistakes investors make in stock markets

Here is a list of 10 mistakes you make that puts you in wealth destroyers' club

Mistake number 1 - you don't sell off your losing junk stocks

Mistake number 2 - you wait so long that you let your winning stocks turn into losers

Mistake number 3 - you get to emotional about your stock picks

Mistake number 4 - you bet all your money on only one or two stocks

Mistake number 5 - you are unable to be both disciplined and flexible

Mistake number 6 - you listen to or get tips from the wrong people

Mistake number 7 - you follow wrong crowd

Mistake number 8 - you are not aware of the worst case scenario

Mistake number 9 - you don't have plan B even if you are aware of what is worst case scenario

and finally....

Mistake number 10 - you don't learn from any of your above 9 mistakes!

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