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Friday, January 13, 2012

Indian IPO Blog - New changes introduced

They say change is the only constant and we believe change is also sometimes inevitable. That's why we have tweaked some as well as added many new sections to Indian IPO Blog. The new version would cover a wider spectrum of investing domain. The regular updates about IPOs would be continued as usual under IPO News section. We're delighted to introduce the following new sections: 

Indian IPO Buzz
Indian IPO Buzz would cover notifications and updates on corporate actions of top stocks such as Bonus Issues, Stock Splits, Consolidation of shares and significant Mergers & Acquisitions announcements

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Indian IPO Blog Insights

Indian IPO Blog Insights features fundamental analysis, news, views, reviews, ratings and insights into the latest IPOs in the Indian markets

Indian IPO Blog would now also cover news and updates on the latest Equity New Fund Offers (NFOs) from Mutual Fund AMCs. The section would keep you posted on the ongoing new equity schemes launched by various Mutual Funds in India

Bonds and NCD Issues:
This section will house information, details and new announcements on Bonds, Non-Convertible Debentures (NCD) and other fixed income instruments like bank and company deposits including tax-saving instruments, provident and pension funds

This would include articles, views, opinions and suggestions on various matters of personal finance, tax planning and investment in general. Readers are also encouraged to contribute articles, views, suggestions and opinions on anything related to finance here. Selected posts would be published after moderation

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Feel free to post your views on additional features at indianipoblog(at)

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