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Saturday, July 17, 2010

SKS Microfinance IPO gets IPO Grade 4

The proposed IPO of SKS Microfinance Ltd. has received an IPO Grade 4/5 from Credit Rating Agency CARE. ‘CARE IPO Grade 4’ indicates Above Average Fundamentals. CARE assigns IPO Grades on a scale of Grade 1 to Grade 5, with IPO Grade 1 indicating poor fundamentals and IPO Grade 5 indicating strong fundamentals. The grade assigned to any individual issue represents a relative assessment of the ‘fundamentals’ of the issuer

SKS Microfinance Ltd. would be the first microfinance company in India to come up with an IPO. SKS Microfinance Ltd. is one of the largest players in the Indian micro-finance industry. Started in 1998 as an NGO, SKS transformed into an NBFC in 2005 and is regulated by the RBI

SKS Microfinance IPO opens for subscription from July 28, 2010. Stay tuned for more on SKS Microfinance IPO!

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