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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Wipro Buyback Offer Letter

Wipro offer letter

20.21. Procedure to be followed by Equity Shareholders holding Equity Shares in the dematerialised form

20.21.1. Eligible Shareholders who desire to tender their Equity Shares in the electronic form
under Buyback would have to do so through their respective Stock Broker by indicating to
their Stock Broker the details of Equity Shares they intend to tender under the Buyback.

20.21.2. The Stock Broker would be required to place an order/ bid on behalf of the Eligible Shareholders who wish to tender Equity Shares in the Buyback using the acquisition window of the Stock Exchanges. Before placing the bid, the Eligible Shareholder would be required to transfer the tendered Equity Shares to the special account of the Indian Clearing Corporation Limited or the National Securities Clearing Corporation Limited, as applicable, by using the early pay in mechanism of the Depository prior to placing the order/ bid on the platform of the Stock Exchanges by the Stock Broker.

For further details,
Eligible Shareholders may refer to the circulars issued by the Stock Exchange/ Clearing Corporation.

20.21.3. The details of the settlement number of the special account of the Clearing Corporation under which the Equity Shares are to be transferred in the account of Clearing Corporation for the Buyback will be provided in a separate circular to be issued by the Clearing Corporation.

20.21.4. For custodian participant orders for demat Equity Shares early pay-in is mandatory prior to confirmation of order/bid by custodian. The custodian shall either confirm or reject the orders not later than the closing of trading hours (i.e., 3:30 p.m.) on the last day of the
Tendering Period (i.e., the Buyback Closing Date). Thereafter, all unconfirmed orders shall be deemed to be rejected.

For all confirmed custodian participant orders, order modification shall revoke the custodian confirmation and the revised order shall be sent to the custodian again for confirmation.

20.21.5. Upon placing the bid, the Stock Broker shall provide a TRS generated by the exchange bidding system to the Eligible Shareholder. TRS will contain the details of order submitted like bid ID number, application number, DP ID, client ID, number of Equity Shares
tendered, etc.

20.21.6. Eligible Shareholders shall also provide all relevant documents, which are necessary to ensure transferability of the Equity Shares in respect of the Tender Form to be sent. Such documents may include (but not be limited to): Duly attested power of attorney, if any person other than the Eligible Shareholder has signed the Tender Form; Duly attested death certificate and succession certificate/ legal heirship certificate, in case any Eligible Shareholder has expired; and In case of companies, the necessary certified corporate authorizations (including board
and/or general meeting resolutions).

20.21.7. IN CASE OF DEMAT EQUITY SHARES, SUBMISSION OF TENDER FORM AND TRS IS NOT REQUIRED. After the receipt of the demat Equity Shares by the Clearing Corporation and a valid bid in the exchange bidding system, the Eligible Shareholders holding Equity Shares in demat form have successfully tendered the Equity Shares in the Buyback.

20.21.8. The cumulative quantity tendered shall be made available on the website of the Stock Exchanges throughout the trading sessions and will be updated at specific intervals during the Tendering Period.

20.21.9. The Eligible Shareholders will have to ensure that they keep the DP account active and unblocked to receive credit in case of return of Equity Shares due to rejection or due to prorated Buyback decided by the Company.

Further, Eligible Shareholders will have to
ensure that they keep the savings bank account attached with the DP account active and updated to receive credit remittance due to Acceptance of Buyback of shares by the company

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