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Thursday, April 6, 2017

IPO Non-Allotment / Rejection Reasons

1. Demat Account details furnished were found “Inactive”.
2. List of employees provided by the company does not reflect your name.
3. In terms of SEBI guidelines you are not considered as a QIB.
4. It is found that you have withdrawn your Bid.
5. More than One application found with same demat account details.
6. More than One application made with the same First holders name.
7. Amount paid was less than the price at which shares were allotted.
8. Applicant being Minor, not made by the Guardian.
9. Demat Account details furnished were found “Invalid”
10. Specimen signature(s) of the applicant(s) not affixed
11. Provision to bid at ” Cut-Off ” price is not applicable to HNI Category investors.
12. Amount paid with the application was insufficient to consider for allotment.
13. Partnership firms are not eligible to participate.
14. Residents of USA are not eligible for participating in IPOs in India.
15. Details of PAN Card required mandatorily, not furnished.
16. Details of demat account were not furnished.
17. Corporate Bodies cannot participate under Retail Investor Category.
18. Your bid against the application was not registered.
19. Your participation in IPO’s had been barred by SEBI.
20. Registration of your Bid was after 4PM on closing day of the Issue.
21. Application under ASBA with invalid demat account details.
22. Application under ASBA found with incorrect PAN Card details.


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