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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

D-Mart IPO witnesses blockbuster listing

Avenue Supermarts IPO (D-Mart IPO) Listing

The equity shares of Avenue Supermarts Limited, the company behind D-Mart retail stores listed with a big bang on the exchanges with the shares opening at a staggering 100 percent premium over the issue price

The shares opened at Rs.604.40 on the BSE and had touched an Intraday high of Rs. 615 and intraday low of Rs.558.75 on the BSE. The scrip is stable and trading at around Rs.605 as at the noon

The IPO of Avenue Supermarts Limited was heavily oversubscribed at 104 times on an overall basis and 7.30 times in the Retail category. It remains to be seen if the stock is able to sustain these kind of levels in upcoming trading days

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