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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Basis of allotment was finalized in consultation with NSE on February 1, 2017.

A. Allotment to Retail Individual investors (After Technical Rejections)Tha Basis of Allotment to the Retail Individual Investors, who have bid at the Cut-Off Price or at the Offer Price of Rs 806 per Equity Share, was finalized in consultation with NSE. This category has been subscribed to the extent of 6.118438 times. The total number of Equity Shares Allotted in Retail Portion is 5,399,519 Equity Shares to 299,973 successful Retail Individual Investors. The category-wise details of the Basis of Alotment are as under:
CategoryNo. of
% of
Total no. of
Equity Shares
% to
No. of Equity
5hares Allotted
per applicant
RatioTotal no. of
Equity Shares
3658,3405.152,100,2406.361897: 366278,316
5426,4362.341,427,5444.321897: 366126,105
7212,1261.07873,0722.641897: 36657,852
9012,2061.081,098,5403.331897: 36658,230
10810,0800.891,088,6403.301897: 36648,078
1267,8640.69990,8643.001897: 36637,512
1442,3100.20332,6401.011897: 36611,016
1804,7970.42863,4602.611897: 36622,878
1981,3420.12265,7160.801897: 3666,408
2161,7440.15376,7041.141897: 3668,316
23425,6002.265,990,40018.131897: 366122,130
Please refer to note below15:435025

Note: Post drawal of lots, a total 5,399,514 Equity Shares were allotted out of the 5,399,519 Equity Shares available for the Retail Portion. Accordingly, 43,502 successful applicants from the categories 36-234 ( i.e. excluding successful applicants from Category 18) were allotted 5 Equity Shares in the radio of 5:43502.


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