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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Indian IPO Blog Whatsapp contest - Feb 2017

Indian IPO Blog is pleased to announce "Champions of the month" contest for Whatsapp group for Feb-2017

3 members from the group would be selected as winners at the end of month.

Winners will be decided basis factors such as:
- Highest number of relevant and useful posts shared in the group
- Most relevant / geniune queries raised and
- Best quality answers / help provided to other members

Winners would be announced in first week of March and would get special gift vouchers from Indian IPO Blog on their personal numbers and email ids
The posts should be relevant to IPOs / stock market / investing and finance world in general. Judgement and Decision of admins of the group would be final and binding in this regard

Get real time updates and stay up to date with the latest developments in Indian IPO markets! Send in your request to join the group with your name and city to +91 79776 14821 OR Click here to join the Indian IPO Blog Whatsapp group now! (Free for first 500 members -  First come first serve basis) 

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