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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Future Ventures Limited IPO Grey Market Premium - April 26, 2011

Price Band: Rs.10/- to Rs.11/- per equity share
Bid Lot: 600 Equity Shares and in multiples thereof
Grey Market Premium on April 26, 2011: Rs.0.50 to Rs.0.75/-

Note: Grey market premium should not be relied upon for making any investment decisions. Indian IPO Blog or its author/administrator/owners or any of its employees or associates does not endorse any of the premiums listed here. Any investment or trading decision you take on any of the IPOs is entirely at your own risk. It is advisable to consider the fundamentals of the company and other factors before investing in any IPO. Please consult your financial advisor/expert before making any investment decisions

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  1. my comment rather suggestion is for the people who post their comment here is that -- : guys plz be reasonably fair with ur comments.
    its a matter of hard earned real money.


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