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Thursday, January 20, 2011

C Mahendra Exports closes listing day nearly at par

C Mahendra Exports Ltd., which listed on the exchanges today, had a quiet listing with the stock price hovering in a stable price range of Rs.110/- to Rs.120/- without much of volatility, unlike in case of some of the recent IPOs, where high listing day volatility is a common phenomenon

C Mahendra Exports Ltd. opened at Rs.114/- on the NSE, at a miniature premium of Rs.4/- per share or about 3.64% over its Issue Price of Rs.110/- per share. The share touched Rs.121/- per share as its Intra-day High and maintained the Issue Price as its Intra-day low on the listing day

On the BSE also, the share touched an Intra-day High of Rs.120.90 and closed at Rs.110.85, at a negligible premium of 0.77% over the Issue Price

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